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We focus on reshaping your marketplace experience by fostering a personal connection between your brand and the Amazon marketplace.


Millions of shoppers begin their search on Amazon.  We make sure those people experience the best version of your product.

By understanding the marketplace ecosystem we are able to put you ahead of trends and in the shoes of your customers.

We are In The Business Of

Driving Growth

Relationships are important to us. Not just the relationships between two businesses, but all the relationships that contribute to getting a needed item or that special something to the customers. Our relationships are built on results and a shared vision for long-term success. We are passionate about quality and we take a personal investment in the lives of customers.


We understand that product is the life blood in business. Be it a service or a physical item, the perceived value and availability is what drives that product’s market success. We also understand that there is a line between just re-selling a product and maintaining or increasing a product’s place in an online market.


The goals we seek to achieve are; maintain your product’s intended image and value, reassure your control over the brand, create sales strategies to benefit all partners, and continue to stay on the leading edge of the ever-changing world of e-commerce.


We like to involve everyone both internally and externally in the process. We demonstrate this in several ways. For starters, we like to manage open book style and not keep any secrets from our crew. Follow that with the way we encourage our employees to not let their job titles confine their talents. Finally, we’re always communicating and seeking the guidance of our vendors and brand owners to best understand their wants.


Our partners have come to expect Grab and Geaux will deliver beyond their expectations when it comes to marketplace execution. This is an expectation we strive very hard to keep.


The philosophy we follow is simple; always do the right thing, embrace possibilities, contribute with passion, and enjoy the ride. That’s how we operate.


We’re happy to be your e-market management solution and, should you ever need us, we are always here to help.


4202 E Elwood ST Suite #2

Phoenix, AZ 85040

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